PyCharm 2.5 Released! A Really Environment Friendly IDE

Hurray! We made it! PyCharm 2.5 is officially available.
PyCharm has been green since its version one, but this update makes it truly environment friendly with full support for remote interpreters (Python interpreters running on remote hosts) and an improved virtualenv integration, including virtualenvs creation and auto-detection.

Other important changes in PyCharm 2.5 include:

  • Reading dependencies from or requirements.txt.
  • Ability to browse and install packages from PyPI.
  • UI for creating files and running tasks.
  • Django 1.4 support.
  • VCS: Subversion 1.7 support and better UI for Git branches.
  • JavaScript: Static attributes awareness in JavaScript code completion and resolving plus support of the latest EcmaScript JavaScript engine.
  • Reworked Debugger and Project tool windows UI and further editor speed improvements for Python, JavaScript and CSS coding.

Read more about the new features and download PyCharm 2.5 for your platform.

PyCharm 2.5 is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after April 13th, 2011.
And until Monday April 16th, we’re offering Easter special pricing for personal license. Do not miss it!

Yes, we know it’s Friday the 13th today, but who believes in this, right? :)

Develop with pleasure!
The PyCharm Team

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6 Responses to PyCharm 2.5 Released! A Really Environment Friendly IDE

  1. Just wanted to thank you for this awesome product and the continuous stream of improvements you are making to it. I have tried out various Python IDEs and only PyCharm really “clicks” for me and I very much enjoy using it. Perhaps I only use a fraction from all the features it offers (I’m only programming Python in my spare time on some relatively small code bases) but still I found it worthwhile enough to choose PyCharm as my Python development tool of choice. Cheers!

  2. Anton says:


    please, are there any plans to include a profiler as well? A profiler, which is able to time individual lines as well? Something like “line_profiler” [1]?


  3. You guys rock, thanks for this awesome product!

  4. Seth godwin says:

    Give another coupon code please – I think its Best time for promoting the latest release. 😉

  5. Kevin says:

    Still no TFS support? What gives? It’s been added to WebStorm and PHPStorm…

  6. Charlie says:

    When will the Intellij plugin be updated?

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