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PyCharm 2.6 Early Access Preview

Thought that things were pretty quiet here during the summer? Not really! The PyCharm team has been hard at work on a new release of PyCharm, which (following the tradition of Python interpreter version numbers) will be called 2.6.

The big new feature in this version is diagrams support. PyCharm is now able to show you a visual overview of the structure of your code – and that includes class diagrams for any Python project, as well as model dependency diagrams for Django and App Engine projects.

Other than that, the team has been primarily focused on smaller changes that improve the quality of PyCharm’s code analysis and completion. This includes:

  • New code completion shortcut: press Ctrl-Space twice to complete any non-imported identifiers (modules, classes, functions or variables) anywhere in your code;
  • Many fixes and improvements in Django code completion and inspections;
  • Code insight fixes and changes to default inspection settings to reduce the number of false positives in PyCharm’s inspection reports;
  • New intention actions to assist in specifying types for parameters and variables;
  • Autodetection of test framework and docstring format used in the project.

Besides that, PyCharm has been updated to support the new language features in current beta version of Python 3.3. Full support of Python 3.3, including the new virtual environments and namespace packages, is planned for the final release of PyCharm 2.6.

All of these features are available in the first EAP build which is available for download now. The final release is still a few weeks away, and we hope that we will be able to sneak a few other goodies in before the release is done.

As usual, your feedback is welcome on our new forum and in the issue tracker.

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