PyCharm 2.6 goes Beta and adds diagrams for SQLAlchemy

Eugene Toporov

We’re probably done with new features for this release and have just published a new build which we call PyCharm 2.6 Beta.

The major additions since the last EAP are the following:

  • Diagrams support for SQLAlchemy
  • Infer function return types from NumPy docstrings
  • pyvenv & namespace packages support for Python 3.3

Check out the complete changelist for this build (121.141).

The Beta is available for download from a special page with all PyCharm 2.6 features overview.

There’s still time to do some polishing before 2.6 goes public next week and we really looking forward to your feedback on the Beta.

Next week is also a DjangoCon US. If you’re going, meet us there! We’ve also prepared some cool gifts for the attendees.

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5 Responses to PyCharm 2.6 goes Beta and adds diagrams for SQLAlchemy

  1. GiacomoL says:

    August 28, 2012

    Are you guys coming at PyCon UK at the end of September ? There are still some great sponsorship opportunities going for extra cheap — see

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      August 30, 2012

      Thanks Giacomo,

      Very low change someone can come.
      How many attendees expected?
      We could provide some licenses for a raffle. Any interest?


      • Robert Oliveira says:

        September 19, 2012

        Hello Eugene

        The Python Users Group in Ceara (PUGCE) will have an small event in Brazil next october 6 and I would like to know if you could offer just one license for a raffle.

        event information:
        V Pylestras

        Thanks in adance.

  2. Diederik van der Boor says:

    August 28, 2012

    I’m really happy you’ve fixed some last-minute reported bugs of mine. I’m looking forward to the 2.6 release. 🙂

  3. Rene Dudfield says:

    August 29, 2012

    Screenshots of the diagram support? Sounds really nice 🙂


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