Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 2.6.3 Release Candidate

Today we’ve published the Release Candidate build for the next bugfix update of PyCharm, version 2.6.3. Most of the improvements in this build are related to the underlying IntelliJ Platform (in particular CSS and LESS/SASS support got a number of nice fixes), but there’s a number of Python-specific fixes too, including a nasty deadlock during indexing, a fix for a long standing issue with coverage data not being displayed in the editor for some project configurations, and an NPE with remote interpreters.

As usual, the build is available for download from the EAP page. Please report any issues encountered to YouTrack. Provided that nothing major comes up, we’ll release the final 2.6.3 build this week, and proceed to open the EAP for PyCharm 2.7 after that.

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