PyCharm 2.7 is available: back to core Python

We’ve released PyCharm 2.7, a big update for our Python and Django IDE.

The main focus of this update is better Python coding experience. We’ve added new code refactorings such as Change Signature and Extract Parameter, and made our code analysis even smarter by using type information collected at runtime during debugging and tests execution. Better PEP 8 integration is now ensured by running in the background to show you coding style violations on the fly as you’re editing your code.

Other changes and new features in this update include:

  • General editing improvements such as Unwrap action, Reflow Paragraph, etc.
  • Fresh IDE look and feel, and Darcula, a new native dark UI theme for the IDE and the editor.
  • Vagrant integration and SSH console.
  • Many bugfixes and improvements in the Vim emulation plugin, which can be installed via PyCharm’s plugins manager.
  • Django 1.5 compatibility.
  • Many enhancements for editing JavaScript and CoffeeScript.
  • Syntax highlighting based on TextMate bundles.

Read more about what’s new in PyCharm 2.7 and download the IDE for your platform.

PyCharm 2.7 is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after Feb 7, 2012.
As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you want to try PyCharm as your new Python/Django IDE.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains PyCharm Team

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