PyCharm 2.7 is available: back to core Python

We’ve released PyCharm 2.7, a big update for our Python and Django IDE.

The main focus of this update is better Python coding experience. We’ve added new code refactorings such as Change Signature and Extract Parameter, and made our code analysis even smarter by using type information collected at runtime during debugging and tests execution. Better PEP 8 integration is now ensured by running in the background to show you coding style violations on the fly as you’re editing your code.

Other changes and new features in this update include:

  • General editing improvements such as Unwrap action, Reflow Paragraph, etc.
  • Fresh IDE look and feel, and Darcula, a new native dark UI theme for the IDE and the editor.
  • Vagrant integration and SSH console.
  • Many bugfixes and improvements in the Vim emulation plugin, which can be installed via PyCharm’s plugins manager.
  • Django 1.5 compatibility.
  • Many enhancements for editing JavaScript and CoffeeScript.
  • Syntax highlighting based on TextMate bundles.

Read more about what’s new in PyCharm 2.7 and download the IDE for your platform.

PyCharm 2.7 is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after Feb 7, 2012.
As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you want to try PyCharm as your new Python/Django IDE.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains PyCharm Team

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26 Responses to PyCharm 2.7 is available: back to core Python

  1. random_user_leaving_feedback :) says:


    Please fix commiting a large number of files in mercurial. It’s ok on git.

    Also moving files from for example rar archive into pycharm project/workspace would be cool :) It’s annoying that I have to extract files somewhere to copy it to IDE.

    Last thing is that I can’t override a folder with another folder because I get info that directory already exists.

    I hope that someone is reading comments here :)

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      – What exactly should we fix with committing to mercurial?
      – Right now we don’t have any plans to provide archive management features in PyCharm. Maybe in a later version.
      – What operation exactly were you trying to perform?

  2. serge says:

    Sorry guys, but look & feel is just… dirty :(
    Picto are not nices at all

    Moreever, IDE seems to be slower than previous version… but for this point, i can hope an update in a few time

  3. serge says:


    just impossible to work with it, too slow… i rollback for you information

  4. Yury V. Zaytsev says:

    Please pass it on to Konstantin, that his Darcula baby is amazing. I’m in love! :-)

  5. chp says:

    Awesome! I’ll give vim another try :)

  6. nek4life says:

    When will the Python plugin be updated for Idea?

  7. Is there any way to get the old icons back? I’m especially thinking of the folder/file icons in the project view tree. The new ones are way too fuzzy at such a small size (16×16?). They’re a little better in the toolbar (24×24?), but still fuzzy. If there was an option to remove the icons completely I would probably prefer that to the current ones…

  8. Einsiedlerkrebs says:

    After Update to 2.7 syntax highlting and auto suggestion is broken on .py files. html and other files are fine, just .py is like normal .txt files without anything.
    I set the syntax setting to default and clear the cache, but problem is still there.

    • Andrey Vlasovskikh says:

      Make sure that the *.py extension is associated with Python files, not with Text files in File|Settings|File Types. Please post a bug report to our issue tracker if the problem persists.

  9. Al Reich says:

    Just upgraded to it. I’ve only been using PyCharm for a few months now and I really like it. Used Eclipse/Pydev, Wing, Emacs, prior to switching to PyCharm.

  10. Alexey says:

    Hi! How can i update it on OS X? Update window just brings me to the site where i can download the new build. Should i just download it and copy over the old one? Will my custom settings be saved? Will I have to re-enter the license?

  11. Serge says:

    Thanks for your work, new features look awesome. My macbook with 8gb ram and intel i5 seems to manage with current project in IDE, but CPU consuming often leads to loud work (fan cooling, you know). Especially on debugging.
    Trying to get accustomed to new dracula look and feel; it is pretty, but fonts should be larger as for me, and syntax highlight is sometimes toneless. Will try to customize according to personal feeling.
    And some code completion / inspection features sometimes work wrong (not regression, the issue comes from previous versions). For example, patch.object from mock library always highlights incorrectly (and it is not the only case). I should report about some of them in bug tracker.

  12. Ruben Colina says:

    I started a few days ago with the version 2.6.3 of this IDE, and Updated the trial version to 2.7 and it work fantastic! I’m getting accustomed to it but I think 30 days of trial is too little time to get the hang of it. I really like your IDE, good work, I’m looking forward to buy it! I would like better support of pep8 something like SublimeLinter for sublime text.

  13. Matthew Trumbell says:

    This is pretty minor in the scheme of things, but all of the light-on-dark color schemes use #660099 as the color for keyword arguments. To my eyes, that is almost unreadable against a near-black background.

    I don’t remember previous releases using this color, but it is possible I overrode the setting ages ago and this release just forgot my override. In any case, please make the default a more readable color.

    Great release!

  14. Kurdy says:

    PEP 8 validation is nice. Only Pycharm comments a line with “ctrl /”, as a “#” at the start of a line. I really like that.
    Only now it is complaining about it.
    How do I disable only this PEP 8 check?

  15. teetam says:

    When commenting out or un-commeting existing blocks of code that have been collapsed expands. This gets quite annoying after a while. Any way to fix that?

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