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Working with TODO in PyCharm

This post originally written for PhpStorm by Maarten Balliauw, our Jetbrains Technical Evangelist, highlights simple yet handy “TODO” feature available in our Python IDE as well:

When working on a project, it’s often desirable to create a list of tasks for yourself or your team mates. While usually these tasks are described in an issue tracker like YouTrack, some tasks are either too small or too code-specific to describe in an issue tracker. In such case, adding TODO comments in source code makes sense.

Many developers already use comments in their code to describe these small tasks, typically using a statement like the following:

PyCharm recognizes these comments and will automatically display them in the TODO tool Window (Alt+6 or View | Tool Windows | TODO):

From the TODO tool window, we can select a TODO comment and navigate to it by double-clicking it or using the Jump to Source context menu (F4).

There are a lot more features in PyCharm around TODO comments. Check our tutorials page for advanced topics like todo pattern recognition, live templates and todo filtering.

As always, we appreciate your feedback in the comments below or in our forum!

Note: This functionality is available in IntelliJ Idea, PyCharm, WebStorm, PhpStorm, RubyMine, and AppCode.

Develop with pleasure!
– PyCharm Team

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