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EuroPython 2013 Winners of PyCharm License Raffle

Recently we got back from EuroPython 2013, which was conducted in Florence on previous week. What a great conference it was!

We had a booth in expo hall, participated in development sprints and made the talk about Static analysis of Python as well. That was amazing experience indeed!

The PyCharm team would like to say a huge thank you to all EuroPython attendees for coming to our booth, saying “Hi!”, talking to us and providing your so much valuable feedback! We were able to talk to hundreds of people, chatting about Python and our Python IDE, sharing some thoughts on Python development problems and also solutions that PyCharm provides for those. It was so cool to announce the beginning of PyCharm 3.0 EAP prior to the conference. So we were able to show off some new stuff over there.

During the conference, we held our Pycharm license raffle. With some cool swag up for grabs, conference attendees were very excited about the PyCharm licenses draw.

So, now we a very excited to announce the list of PyCharm license raffle winners which can be found below:

  • Carsten Fjelkstrup
  • Mateusz Lenik
  • John Clayton
  • Antonio Di Marco
  • Ivanchenko Dmitry
  • Ronny Ostman
  • Andrea Cecchi
  • Daniele Baroncelli
  • Paul Keating
  • Christian Riis
  • Andrew Dalke
  • Areski Belaid
  • David Stinson
  • Valentine Bandurka
  • Andrew Hale

Congratulations guys!

Winners were chosen randomly from all the attendees who participated in the draw. Licence notifications will be mailed out to all successful applicants in the coming days.

By the way, we will send out 15% discounts for new PyCharm personal licenses for those who selected the “Get 15% OFF a personal license for PyCharm IDE if I don’t win” option in the raffle application and unfortunately hasn’t been selected as the winner by randomiser. We will get in touch with you soon as well with information on how to get and use your personal discount!

In case of any trouble, or if you have some additional questions, feel free to ping us in comments below.

Develop with pleasure!
– PyCharm Team

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