Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 3.0 EAP build 131.91 available

As the release of PyCharm 3.0 gets closer, we’re checking off the last remaining items from our roadmap and presenting the results to you in the new EAP build. Highlights of this build include:

  • Variables view in the Python console;
  • New inspections to detect name shadowing and PEP8 naming conventions violations;
  • Much better code insight for PyQt and PyGTK;
  • Initial (beta quality) support for Subversion 1.8;
  • Custom skeletons (type definitions for third-party libraries) are now usable without patching an installation of PyCharm, and our existing skeletons have been moved to a public GitHub repository.

As usual, the new build is available for download from the EAP page, and the complete release notes are available. Your feedback is welcome in YouTrack.

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