Meet the PyCharm 3.1 roadmap

We’re excited to share our plans for PyCharm 3.1, the upcoming update of our cool Python IDE, to stir up some discussion and of course get your valuable feedback.

Having released PyCharm 3.0 with all its bells and whistles, especially the free and open source PyCharm Community Edition, we surprised many of you. To keep that momentum going, here is the brand new PyCharm 3.1 Roadmap.

PyCharm 3.1 is planned for release in early 2014. The roadmap is neither a finalized list of tasks to be implemented in PyCharm 3.1 nor a promise to include everything into the upcoming release. The roadmap is flexible, so we can probably add or remove something from the list. So stay tuned for further updates on this progress, new surprises and the beginning of PyCharm 3.1 Early Access Program.

The most noteworthy things from the current PyCharm 3.1 Roadmap include:

– Python 3.4 support
– Django 1.6 support
– Improvements on Google App Engine integration
– Vagrant integration improvements
– Local terminal tabs
– Performance optimizations on different subsystems

There aren’t many new or additional features on the list, but instead many improvements for existing PyCharm functionality. In planning this release we decided to focus on the quality of existing PyCharm features and performance optimizations, putting emphasis on delivering even more powerful and steady solutions for your development needs.

We really hope you’ll enjoy these new improvements coming soon in PyCharm 3.1. If you have any comments, suggestions or queries, please feel free to share them right here in our blog or post them to our Public Tracker or Discussion Forum. Also, follow us on Twitter @pycharm to stay tuned to the latest PyCharm news.

Develop with Pleasure!
PyCharm Team

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