PyCharm Release Candidate 3

Happy Friday everyone,

Today, PyCharm delivers the third release candidate of the upcoming PyCharm 3.1. Despite the fact that we intended to release PyCharm 3.1 on this week, we hit into a couple of critical bugs after the RC2 announcement. Luckily we’ve already fixed them, so today we are announcing the updated RC build – PyCharm Release Candidate 3.
Those critical bugs that have been fixed in PyCharm 3.1 RC3 and a few other can be found in Release Notes.

Download PyCharm 3.1 Release Candidate 3 for you platform from the Early Access Preview page.

Please provide your feedback and file any arising problem to our public tracker.

The final version will be available next week This last RC is intended for verifying no showstoppers will creep into the final release of PyCharm 3.1.

Develop with Pleasure!
PyCharm Team

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3 Responses to PyCharm Release Candidate 3

  1. m_gol says:

    Will this release include new cool features of WebStorm 8? (like improved AngularJS support)

    • Dmitry Filippov says:

      PyCharm has all the functionality of WebStorm either built-in or Available as free plugins. So yes PyCharm will have all the Webstom 8 latest features. Nevertheless AngularJs is not built-in so please install it through plugin.

      • m_gol says:

        Great, thanks. I was afraid PyCharm 3.1 might be released too early to merge new WebStorm 8 features but it’s good to hear they’ll be there. :)

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