Early Access Program Releases

The PyCharm 3.1 EAP build #133.673 is available

Today we published the PyCharm 3.1 EAP build #133.673. Download it from the PyCharm’s Early Access Preview (EAP) page. Hopefully this is the last EAP build before the final preview build – the PyCharm 3.1 Release Candidate!

The PyCharm 3.1 release itself is going to be out soon depending on your feedback. So please help us make the release faster and better – and if any problems arise, please file an issue to our public issue tracker.

So, what’s new? While the PyCharm 3.1 EAP build #133.673 is primarily consists of bug-fixes, among those most notable are fixes related to type inference, test runner and python formatter (the full list of changes is available here), we sneaked in a few performance optimizations as well:

1. Now PyCharm works better when resolving into heavy binary modules like PyGTK and PyQT, thanks to a new binary modules skeletons generation process. Previously all binary module auxiliary data was preserved in a single file. Now PyCharm splits data across smaller chunks, thus making code completion and other code insight features to work a bit faster.

2. We’ve fixed performance problems with editing large *.po files. Hopefully, now everything should work just fine.

For the complete list of changes in this build, please see the Release Notes.

A patch update will be available from within the IDE soon in case you are updating from the EAP update channel. For those who want this build asap, please download the full installation source from the EAP page.

Develop with Pleasure!
-PyCharm team

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