Announcing The PyCharm 3.4 Release

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of PyCharm 3.4, the new major release of our intelligent IDE for Python and Web development. As before, PyCharm 3.4 is available as a full-fledged Professional Edition for Python and Web development or the free and open-source Community Edition for pure Python development and education.

Download PyCharm 3.4 for your platform today!

Despite the minor version number, PyCharm 3.4 is a true major release. We’re staying up to speed with the cutting-edge technologies from the Python world, in particular the latest versions of Python 3.4, Django 1.7 and others, which you’ve come to expect.

With v3.4 we introduce improved functionality, better performance, and many handy new must-have features that we hope will make you even more productive!

Here are the most notable highlights of the release:

– New Python interpreters management with a new UI
– New refined support for remote interpreters
Django 1.7 support
– New live templates for Python
Multiple carets and selections
Vagrant support improvements
– New automatic quick-fixes
Full debug support in the interactive Python console
– Debugging for Stackless Python
– Advanced built-in AngularJS support
IdeaVim plugin updated with new enhancements
– New ‘Github’ color scheme for the PyCharm editor
– And many other valuable improvements across the IDE

Please see what’s new in PyCharm 3.4 for more details, and download the IDE for your platform.

PyCharm 3.4 Professional Edition is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after May 29, 2013. As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you want to try PyCharm as your new Python/Django IDE.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains PyCharm Team

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