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Best Interactive Programming Course Contest 2015 is over!


On March 5th the Best Interactive Programming Course contest organized by JetBrains came to a close. Based around the theme of PROGRAMMING EDUCATION WITH PYTHON, this contest was a great chance for teachers and instructors all around the globe to show their experience and skills as they vowed to create a programming course that thousands of learners would use inside PyCharm Educational Edition.

We hope it was a great experience for everyone who attempted to create a course using PyCharm Educational Edition. The courses this contest has produced will surely be helpful for thousands of students around the globe.

The Results

All submitted courses have been scored on:

  • The overall idea (engaging topic, originality/uniqueness)
  • Seamless experience going through the course
  • Course length and structure
  • Usage of PyCharm Edu functionality
  • Course content quality

And the winners are:
1st place: John Zurawski, “Logging in Python”
This course provides an introduction to the standard Python logging module. It includes basic and advanced examples that can help you debug your Python software. Best practices are demonstrated to help you get the most out of Python logging. This course was tested using Python 2.7 and Python 3.4.

2nd place: Lisa C, “Introduction to Classic Ciphers”
Python implementations of classic text ciphers. Appropriate for python beginners who have had some practice with manipulating strings and lists, writing ‘for’ loops, and organizing code into functions.

3rd place: Tal Einat, “Python Unit-Testing”
An introductory interactive course about unit testing in Python.

The jury also selected “Introduction to Classic Ciphers” as the Best Course Idea.

Thanks to everyone who entered in the contest and congratulations to the winners!

The winning courses will soon be available in PyCharm Educational Edition along with the default “Introduction to Python” course. To check them out, go to File | New Project | Educational and click the refresh button.

This has been an amazing experience for the PyCharm team. Thanks a lot for all your entries and keep the love flowing!

What’s up next?

Currently we’re working on the next version of PyCharm Educational Edition. It’s going to be more polished, the new features will be introduced and of course with this new release we’ll address different usability and some common problems that both students and educators have experienced with the first version!

Stay tuned for further news, subscribe to both PyCharm and PyCharm Educational Edition twitters, report any problems you find to our public issue tracker.

Develop and learn with pleasure!
PyCharm team

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