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PyCharm 4.5.3 RC is available

Today we’ve published the PyCharm 4.5.3 RC bug-fix update.

The Release notes lists all fixes from the previous PyCharm 4.5.2 update. The most notable among them are:

  • a number of fixes for Django support, mostly related to the new tool.
  • a number of fixes for the Python formatter, especially PY-16078: changing the default right margin to 99 symbols according to PEP8.
    Note: This parameter is configurable. You can change its value in Settings(Preferences) | Editor| Code Style | Python | Wrapping and Braces | Right margin
  • a bunch of improvements in Python refactorings and the new auto-intention: convert tuple to list and vice-versa which is available on Alt+Enter over the cursor on a list or a tuple.

Additionally, this build introduces the new option in Python code style settings: “After local imports” on the “Blank lines” tab. Using this field, you can specify the number of blank lines to be inserted after local import inside a function. By default this value is set to 0.

Download PyСharm 4.5.3 RC for your platform from the project EAP page and please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker. It will be available shortly as a patch update from within the IDE as well. Make sure you’ve selected the Beta Releases channel in update settings.

Develop with Pleasure!
-PyCharm team

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