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Announcing PyCharm 5 EAP 143.165: Docker Integration

Hello everyone,

Today we announce PyCharm 5 EAP build 143.165, bringing Docker integration and a lot of other important improvements.

Please download the build from our EAP page.

The most notable brand-new feature in this build is the Docker integration.

Note: Docker integration is available only in PyCharm Professional Edition

dockerWith this integration you can specify a Python interpreter from a Docker container and use it in your project. Docker is a popular open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins. Please read more about Docker on its official website.

Note: Docker integration with PyCharm works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms. However you’ll need to install Docker yourself. Please check the Docker installation documentation on how to install Docker on your system.

In order to set up a Python interpreter inside a Docker container for your project, simply go to Settings (Preferences for Mac OS) | Project | Project Interpreter and add a new remote interpreter as shown on the image below:


It will show you a dialog box where you can choose the “Docker” option and specify different settings for accessing a Docker machine, as well as an image to be used for creating a Docker container:


After applying the settings, the interpreter will be set as your default project interpreter.
Now you can Run, Debug and Profile your application using Python inside a Docker container:


The Python interpreter inside a Docker container can also be used with the PyCharm’s interactive Python console. Open it with Tools | Python console:


Other notable improvements in this build:

  • The new “Move local function or method to the top level” refactoring
  • Numerous fixes for remote interpreters,
  • Fixes for PyCharm’s debugger
  • Fixes for Python inspections
  • Many different fixes and improvements for JavaScript/TypeScript support
  • Numerous platform improvements.

For the detailed list of changes and improvements, please check the Release Notes.

Please download PyCharm 5 EAP build 143.165 today! Should you encounter any bugs, please report them to our public tracker.

You can download the build or use the patch-based upgrade to upgrade from within the IDE (from previous PyCharm 5 EAP builds only) without a full re-installation. Just make sure you’ve selected the EAP channel in update settings.

Important note: the patch-based upgrade for this build is available only for Windows and Linux platforms. For Mac OS, you’ll need to download the full dmg image and replace your previous PyCharm 5 EAP installation.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains PyCharm Team

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