PyCharm 5.0.1 update released

Just one week after the PyCharm 5 release, we bring you a bug-fix update, PyCharm 5.0.1, available from the download page. It will also be available shortly as a patch update from within the IDE (from PyCharm 5.0 only).

Some notable highlights of this update include:

  • a fix for hangs on opening context menus (PY-17113)
  • a fix for tool windows not being hidden automatically (IDEA-146684)
  • Python 3.5 support fixes (PY-17282)
  • a fix for wrong encodings (PY-17568)
  • a fix for code inspections performance problems (PY-17356)
  • a fix for Docstring support (PY-17470)
  • a fix in the debugger for Attach to Process (PY-17465)
  • a GAE support fix (PY-17473)
  • and more

For further details on the bug-fixes and changes, please consult the Release Notes.

As usual, please report any problems you found in our issue tracker.

If you would like to discuss your experience with PyCharm, we look forward to your feedback in the comments to this blog post and on twitter.

Develop with Pleasure!
-PyCharm team

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8 Responses to PyCharm 5.0.1 update released

  1. Tony Garcia says:

    The slow context menu issue is also affecting me on Idea Ultimate 15. I see that a fix has been included in the latest patch of Pycharm 5.0.1. Any plans to fix this in IDEA?

  2. Suzumizaki-Kimitaka says:

    The work against PY-17100 looks fine. Thank you!

  3. Francesco Maida says:

    WHOA! A shiny new icon for PyCharm! I LIKE IT! ^____^

  4. Larry Colen says:

    I had all sorts of trouble trying to get the update to “take”, it kept restarting as 5.0.
    Eventually rather than doing
    to run as a privileged user I did
    su –

    and it worked. I’m not sure why sudo wasn’t sufficient, but it might be worth mentioning, or fixing.

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