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PyCharm 2016.2 Release Candidate is available

We are now approaching the final steps towards the PyCharm 2016.2 release. So today we’ve published the PyCharm 2016.2 Release Candidate.

The PyCharm 2016.2 RC build 162.1236 is available for download from the Early Access Preview page. Please take it for a spin and give us your feedback.

PyCharm 2016.2 Release Candidate includes mostly a consolidation of bug fixes as compared to the previous PyCharm 2016.2 EAP build. For the detailed list of notable changes and improvements in this build, please check the Release Notes.

In case you missed what’s new in upcoming PyCharm 2016.2 – please read the announcements of previous EAP builds.

The most important highlights are:

  • vmprof Profiler Support
  • Pandas Dataframes Viewer
  • Thread Suspend Option
  • Function Return Values in the Debugger
  • Package Installation from requirements.txt
  • Configuration for Optimize Imports
  • Postfix Code Completion
  • Lettuce Scenario Outlines
  • Support for Ligatures
  • The Inspection Tool Improvements
  • Editor Background Image
  • Regex Support Improvement
  • Unversioned Files Handling
  • Improvements in Working with Patches
  • VCS Log Viewer Enhancements
  • Database Tools Improvements

You can download the build or upgrade from within the IDE without a full re-installation using the patch-based upgrade (make sure you’ve enabled the EAP or RC channel in your update settings).

We hope that there will be no major bugs, however, should you encounter any problems, please report them to YouTrack – we’ll still have a bit of time to fix stuff before the final release.

Stay tuned for a PyCharm 2016.2 release announcement and follow us on Twitter.

-PyCharm team

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