PyCharm 2016.3 Released

We are happy to announce the availability of PyCharm 2016.3. Get it now from our website.

We have worked hard on bringing you a better IDE, PyCharm 2016.3 comes with these features:

  • Better Django support
  • Improved Python console
  • Full support for Python 3.6
  • Enhanced version control integration
  • A better variable explorer
  • Upgrades to coverage and profiling tools
  • And much more, see the what’s new page

Next Wednesday (November 30th) at 3pm GMT (4pm European, 10am Eastern) we’re organizing a webinar where Paul Everitt, our developer advocate, introduces PyCharm’s new features, sign up here!

If you got your PyCharm license before November 2015, we have a special offer for you! Don’t miss out on these new features: switch to a subscription and get 40% off your monthly payments until your subscription expires. This offer is valid until the end of the year. Switch now in the JetBrains store.

We want to make sure that PyCharm will remain the best Python IDE, if you know a feature we could add to make it better for you, please let us know on our issue tracker!

-PyCharm Team

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17 Responses to PyCharm 2016.3 Released

  1. Adelle says:

    See you at webinar! Thank you for updates!

  2. Roberto M. says:

    Deployment to remote server not working .. Will be fixed in 2016.3.1
    Back to 2016.2 :-(

  3. Gaëtan de Menten says:

    Seems like a great release. In the What’s new page, “Resolve merges” is marked as “PRO ONLY”. I wonder if that’s not a mistake?!

    • Ernst Haagsman says:

      You’re absolutely right! Thank you very much for catching that! All VCS features are available in the community edition.

  4. Vit Walek says:

    Hi Guys,

    yesterday me and my colleagues upgreded PyCharm on MAC. After upgrade to 2016.3 release we have one big issue.
    Terminal in pycharm does not load $PATH from system and it’s not possible to set it up somehow.
    Is there any posibility to manually configure from where Pycharm will get the $PATH? Or why it’s not taking $PATH from my /etc/bashrc or /User/bash_profile?

    Thanks for any hint here.


    Release Info:
    PyCharm 2016.3
    Build #PY-163.8233.8, built on November 22, 2016

  5. Christof says:

    Hey guys,
    I am very happy with PyCharm, thus I upgraded to version 2016.3 Pro today. Unfortunately, the interactive functionality is dramatically reduced:
    Executing code interactively using “Shift+Alt+E” that is indented in the text editor is copied into the Python Console with the same indent leading to the error: “IndentationError: unexpected indent”
    This is a big drawback in terms of functionality and usability and is not present in older PyCharm versions.

    • Ernst Haagsman says:

      Hi Christof, I’m glad to hear that you’re happy with PyCharm! Please report this bug on and we will look into it. After reporting the bug you’ll receive notifications about the progress we’re making in resolving the problem. Thank you very much for helping us make PyCharm better!

  6. sushant says:

    copying and pasting code does not, work it merges with the other lines.

  7. Daniel says:

    Windows 10, community edition: Soft Wrap in the python console appears broken for me. In 2016.2.2 I could toggle it through the soft wrap in the debug console (which is rather obscure anyway), but as of 2016.3 this no longer works. Output is just printed on one long line, making it pretty much unreadable.

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