PyCharm 2017.1 EAP 3 (build 171.2455.3)

Posted on by Ernst Haagsman

We’re happy to announce the next EAP for PyCharm 2017.1, get it now from our website!

This week, we’ve fixed several issues, and added some functionality:

  • If you’d like PyCharm to watch your code style, we hope you’ll appreciate some new style options: closing braces can now be set either to line up with the last item or with the first character of a multi-line definition (Settings | Editor | Code Style | Python | Wrapping and Braces | Hang closing brackets, see PY-10182 for an example) . Also, if you like spaces around your parameters, you can now specify whether or not there should be spaces between the parentheses if a method has no parameters (Settings | Editor | Code Style | Python | Spaces | Within | Empty method call parentheses).
  • Various bugs regarding typing have been fixed
  • The VCS branches popup has been redesigned (Alt+`, option 7 ‘Branches’)
  • External tools after git commit
  • And more, see the release notes for details

Download it now from our website! To keep up-to-date with our EAP releases set your update channel to Early Access Program: Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates, Automatically check updates for “Early Access Program”

-PyCharm Team
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