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Welcome PyCharm Edu 3.5!

PyCharmEdu35_506x253Have you already started working on your new 2017 year resolutions? Maybe some of them have to do with learning or teaching more Python? If so, try PyCharm Edu 3.5, the next update for our Educational Edition. This release brings advanced course creation options for educators and more courses for students.

Subtask Management for Educators

When teaching your students to program, you often want to give them an opportunity to work with the same code fragment, gradually making tasks more complicated and sophisticated. With PyCharm Edu 3.5 it is now possible to add steps, or subtasks, for any task in your course. Read more about the feature on the blog or find more details in the getting started tutorial.

The IDE is distributed as free open-source software under the Apache 2.0 license. This means you and your students can download and use it for educational or any other purposes—for free!

For more details and learning materials, visit the PyCharm Edu website, or ask us any questions you might have here in the comments.

PyCharm Edu Team

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