PyCharm 2017.1 Out Now: Faster debugger, new test runners, and more

PyCharm 2017.1 is out now! Get it now for a much faster debugger, improved Python and JavaScript unit testing, and support for the six library.

  • The Python debugger got forty times faster for Python 3.6 projects, and up to two times faster for older versions of Python
  • We’ve added support for the six compatibility library
  • Unit test runners for Python have been rebuilt from the ground up: you can now run any test configuration with PyCharm
  • Are you a full stack developer? We’ve improved our JavaScript unit testing: gutter icons indicating whether a test passed and support for Jest, Facebook’s JS testing framework (only available in PyCharm Professional edition)
  • Zero-latency typing is now on by default: typing latencies for PyCharm 2017.1 are lower than those for Sublime Text and Emacs
  • Support for native Docker for Mac – no more need to use SOCAT! (only available in PyCharm Professional edition)
  • And more!

Get PyCharm 2017.1 now from our website

Please let us know what you think about PyCharm! You can reach us on Twitter, Facebook, and by leaving a comment on the blog.

PyCharm Team
-The Drive to Develop

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33 Responses to PyCharm 2017.1 Out Now: Faster debugger, new test runners, and more

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  2. malcolm newton says:

    Wow sure does load faster now, great product

  3. Radek Lát says:

    It seems that subtests in unit tests are no longer displayed as separate tests. And when any fail, only a textual information “One or more subtests failed” + a dump of a tuple with failing subtests values. But they still look like just one test failing. There is not even information how many failed and how many tests has been there in total.

    Is it possible to turn on treating subtests as separate tests somewhere? If not, it is a very disappointing change.

  4. Adelle says:

    Great! Hardly wait to update! I am a big fan of PhpStorm too!

  5. Roman says:

    Guys, why PyCharm’s code completion function is so slow? It takes up to 0.5s to pop up variants list on my 16Gb mem, 2.5Ghz core I5, SSD-based box. This literally prevent me from typing with my normal speed.

  6. Gaëtan de Menten says:

    A disappointing release so far (as far as I am concerned obviously). First it took forever to reindex the modules I have: I am sadly used to these reindexing periods, but this one took much longer than in previous versions. And the zero-latency typing feature does not solve the only issue I ever had about typing latency: during Refactor->Rename… (shift-F6), it still takes several *seconds* between each keystroke, which is completely unbearable.

    • Gaëtan de Menten says:

      also, I did not find a way to disable the new “code structure” buttons that appear above my editors and use some screen real-estate without much value to me.

      • Gaëtan de Menten says:

        In case anyone else is wondering how to disable those, this is at: Settings->Editor->General->Appearance->Show breadcrumbs

        • Christian Jauvin says:

          Many thanks, I spent several minutes looking for it, and finally gave up. This release is completely unacceptable to me, I actually just downgraded to 2016.3.3.

  7. Chris Micek says:

    Any ideas as to why this version looks like I’m working on a CRT monitor running Windows 95? I have a 4K monitor, and 2016.3 looked super crisp, but as soon as I updated it to 2017.1 the appearance took a sharp nosedive…

    • Ernst Haagsman says:

      Which OS are you on?

      • Max says:

        I observe blurry text in the user interface and editors as well on Windows 10. Note that I override the default fonts, but I don’t know whether that’s relevant.

        • Ernst Haagsman says:

          Could you please send us a screenshot? Are you using a scaling factor other than 100%?

          • Matas says:

            I have the same problem. Scaling is enabled at 200%, it would be perfect to have some scaling built-in.

            Here is the screenshot:


          • Ernst Haagsman says:

            I’ve reported your issue to YouTrack: please vote on it there so you’re informed when it gets updated.

          • Matas says:

            Also, now I have a shortcut in my start menu that says “Pycharm xxxxx 2016.3.2” that I had to rename to a proper version and change the destination from
            “C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PyCharm Community Edition 2016.3.2\bin\pycharm.exe”
            to “C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PyCharm Community Edition 2016.3.2\bin\pycharm64.exe”

            And yeah.. Why is it installed into 32-bit directory when my system is 64-bit and.. Well.. Everything with naming is a bit weird. Now I have a 64-bit version in 32-bit program files, that is actually 2017.1, but is in 2016.3.2 folder.

  8. Alex Czarnowski says:

    Broken new py.test runner makes it also unusable for me.

  9. Ivan Gusev says:

    Unittests are horrible now.

    1) Rerunning tests with Pattern are now broken, since without discovery -p option is invalid
    2) I debug one test – It shows me a tree with 9 layers. Module->submodule->submodule…. ->the actual test I run.
    3) Even if I hacked the fix to ignore -p option – it now ignores the current path, so when you click rerun failed test – it couldn’t find this modules anymore since it’s looking in completely different places.

    Everything worked so nicely in 2016…

    • Ernst Haagsman says:

      1) I’ve created an issue for you: could you please vote on the issue to receive updates?
      2) We’re thinking about this, we may change it in the future
      3) This issue is known, expect a fix for it in the minor update that we’ll release by next week

      Thanks for your feedback!

    • Christian Jauvin says:

      I feel your pain. I just discovered this morning that the new version of PyCharm I downloaded yesterday utterly destroys the unittest setup I’ve been using with so much joy and productivity with the previous versions. I hope it’s possible to downgrade at this point.

  10. Aleksander Czarnowski says:

    Today I’ve done a downgrade to 2016. I refuse to patch commercial product myself when I do pay for the support.

    @JetBrains: please fix test runners ASAP – the whole newly added functionality is useless when you break base one

    • Ernst Haagsman says:

      Hi Alexander, my apologies for the inconvenience. We know you rely on our tools to work right, and unfortunately it looks like we didn’t catch all of your use cases while testing our release. We’ve fixed many issues in our test runners in the 2017.1.1 minor update, could you please try it when it’s released in a couple of days? Please let us know if it resolves your issues.

  11. Clark Phillips says:

    For 2017.1, most breakpoints inside Django templates are being ignored.

    I have confirmed that breakpoints on lines containing any of the following are ignored:
    – {% for
    – {% if
    – {{ variable }}

    • Ernst Haagsman says:

      Hi Clark, my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. We are aware of the issue (see, and we’re working on a fix. The fix will be release in PyCharm 2017.1.2, watch this blog for an announcement when it becomes available. Thank you for letting us know, and thank you for using PyCharm!

  12. Sean says:

    NO! Unittests no longer work!!! Worst update ever!

  13. Sean says:

    Let me be clear 2017.1.1 completely breaks all unit test testing – right click on a TestCase or a test method and …. no run option!!! This is unusable.

    I see above that the previous update broke testing for others. This is unacceptable, and completely destroys my efforts to get my company to pay for the commercial version.

    • Paul Everitt says:

      You’re right, we had bugs on that feature. But we resolved a whole bunch of them, quickly. If you could, give the RC a try and let us know if we missed any.

      • Sharon Lev says:

        even with 2017.1.1 unit tests are not recognized by the IDE and no “run unit test” (or run anything) option is made available in any of the menus (context/top)

  14. John says:

    Very disappointing and frustrating release. I’ve experienced a lot of problems with the unit tests. Some tests configurations that worked for 1-2 years suddenly stopped working. The tree display of test modules is not helpful. Rerunning tests doesn’t work.

  15. Anton B says:

    I just updated to IntelliJ 2017.1.2 and still have exactly the same problem as Sharon Lev. Unit tests are not recognized by the IDE and no “run unit test”option is made available in the menus. Is this bug tracked somewhere?

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