PyCharm 2017.2.1 RC out now

After the 2017.2 release, we haven’t been sitting still, and have fixed a lot of bugs:

  • Docker: Python console volume issue fix, and various other fixes
  • Debugging: concurrency visualization for Python 3.6, and console fixes
  • Inspections: variable type comparison bugs
  • Namespace package resolution bug on remote interpreters
  • JavaScript: Go to Declaration bug fix, and more
  • See details for all fixes in the release notes

You can try the release candidate of PyCharm 2017.2.1 now: get it from Confluence.

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-PyCharm Team
The Drive to Develop

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3 Responses to PyCharm 2017.2.1 RC out now

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  2. HDI says:

    Pycharm and other jetbrains IDE are using such a huge memory usage, It’s a little bite heavy and slow, please try to improve it.
    best regards.

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