PyCharm 2018.1 Out Now

PyCharm 2018.1PyCharm 2018.1 is now available: partial commits, code cells, SSH remote Python interpreters, and more!

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  • Data scientists can now define code cells in their files, and choose exactly which parts to execute. No more need to re-import your data every time you finetune your analysis!
  • Do you run Python code on remote machines? Configuring an SSH remote Python interpreter is now easier than ever.
  • Even though Python 3.7 isn’t out yet, PyCharm 2018.1 already fully supports developing Python 3.7 code.
  • Those of you who take pride in having precise commits will be pleased to hear that you can now choose which chunks of files to include in your git commits.
  • PyCharm is the Python IDE that knows your code, and PyCharm 2018.1 knows Python code better than ever with new code intelligence features.
  • Docker Compose file format 3.3 and later are now supported. Also, performance of Docker Compose interpreters has improved significantly.

And much more! Check out the What’s New page on our website to learn more. Already convinced? Download PyCharm 2018.1 now!

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