PyCharm 2019.2.1 Preview

PyCharm 2019.2.1 Preview is now available!

Fixed in this Version

  • The PyCharm debugger got some fixes:
    • The issue causing the debugger to hang when a syntax error was encountered was resolved.
    • When classes were given certain names, the debugger would be unable to inspect their variables, this is no longer a problem.
    • Exceptions thrown when debugging a project with multiprocessing modules will not stop the debugger anymore.
  • PyCharm now recognizes ctypes Arrays so now you won’t get wrong inspection messages when defining or using such arrays.
  • We had a bug that made Tensorflow’s references to be unresolved and that was also fixed.
  • An error displayed when trying to run Jupyter Notebook’ cells using managed and configured Jupyter servers that was not allowing Jupyter cells to run is now resolved.
  • We improved Jupyter’s server response error messages to be more user friendly.
  • And many more fixes, see the release notes for more information.

Getting the New Version

Download the Preview from Confluence.

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