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2019.3 EAP 4

This week’s Early Access Program (EAP) for PyCharm 2019.3 is available now! Download it from our website.

New for this version

Test templates for pytest support

Support for pytest test creation using pytest templates was added. Now you can create and edit test files using pytest templates.

To create a test using these templates first you will need to set pytest as the default test runner (`Settings/Preferences | Tools | Python Integrated Tools`  then on the `Default test runner` option select `pytest`).  Then navigate to the context menu from the method declaration you wish to create a test from. Click on `Go To | Test` and select `Create New Test`. A dialog will open so you can configure your testing file accordingly. Once you click `OK` on this dialog PyCharm will generate a file using the appropriate test method.

Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 3.23.53 PM

Fixed in this version

  • The “Go to Declaration”/”Go to Implementations” behavior was corrected so they will properly lead to library implementations and not other files.
  • We fixed an error that made imports to be inserted before module-level dunder names. Now, in compliance to PEP-8, imports are placed after dunders.
  • An issue was solved that wasn’t allowing to use quick fix to install missing packages when the interpreter is switched through the Status Bar.
  • Some issues causing an interpreter not to be removed through the project settings or changed when using the interpreter widget were solved.
  • For more details on what’s new in this version, see the release notes


Download this EAP from our website. Alternatively, you can use the JetBrains Toolbox App to stay up to date throughout the entire EAP.

If you’re on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, you can use snap to get PyCharm EAP, and stay up to date. You can find the installation instructions on our website.

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6 Responses to 2019.3 EAP 4

  1. Avatar

    David Zemon says:

    November 17, 2015

    Is this available in Community Edition?

  2. Avatar

    Evan Dale says:

    April 26, 2016

    Is this available in Intellij Ultimate?

    • Avatar

      Dmitry Filippov says:

      April 27, 2016

      Yes IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate has the coverage functionality.

  3. Avatar

    Janusz says:

    June 2, 2016

    How do I setup omit directories?

  4. Avatar

    Mnk says:

    August 28, 2018

    Is this feature still useless in 2k18 or you guys finally added support for reading .coveragec files & doing such advanced stuff like omitting directories?

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