Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 2020.1 EAP 2

We have a new Early Access Program (EAP) version of PyCharm that can be now downloaded from our website.

Our work to create a better PyCharm 2020.1 continues with new features, usability improvements, and bug fixes making their way into our EAP build. If you want to be the first to try them out, and help us in the process, make sure to use our free EAP versions.

New in PyCharm

Install Python with PyCharm

We’ve made getting set up with Python even quicker. The process of getting your environment ready with everything you need to begin developing Python can now be done through PyCharm.

If PyCharm detects there is no Python on your machine, it provides you with two options: to download the latest Python versions from python.org or you can specify a path to the Python executable. This can help you stay up to date with the newest Python releases, and save you time hunting for a version of Python.

PyCharm detects if Python is installed

F-strings refactoring

F-strings, the new string formatting for Python 3.6, is said to be more readable, more concise, and less error-prone than other ways of formatting. With refactoring, it is important that you can trust what you expect to happen, to happen. Unfortunately, for f-strings, this hasn’t been the case lately as some users have reported issues with escaping. So in this EAP, we have done something about it.

We have made a couple of fixes for f-strings. The first is now curly braces escape properly, and the second, % characters escape properly when converting to f-string literal. So there should be no more unexpected changes to the result of your code after automatic refactoring to f-strings.

f-string refactoring with escaping

Important vulnerability issue fixed

We take vulnerabilities very seriously in PyCharm and with the other JetBrains teams have worked to quickly fix an issue with a port listening on a wildcard interface when the PyCharm console opened. We’ve restricted it to listen only from the localhost. This fix will prevent any possible unwanted connections originating from the network.

Fixed in this Version

  • PyCharm can now detect Django template tags added to built-ins via the settings and provide you with the corresponding code and navigation assistance.
  • Pyi stubs for distutils has been bundled to remove some issues PyCharm had with completion suggestions for it, we have also bundled pyi stubs for hashlib too.
  • The Convert from variadic to normal parameters intention would break if the same parameter was used multiple times in the function body, this is now resolved.
  • Our navigation bar has now been sorted, literally. The file list now uses a natural sort order to display files 1, 2, 12, 21, 121 — you get the idea. So you can more easily find what you are looking for.
  • For more details on what’s new in this version, see the release notes.


Download this EAP from our website. Alternatively, you can use the JetBrains Toolbox App to stay up to date throughout the entire EAP.
If you’re on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, you can use snap to get PyCharm EAP and stay up to date. You can find the installation instructions on our website.

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