PyCharm 2020.1 Out Now

Rebase your branch with ease, debug smarter, and use a font designed for programming. Download the new version now, or upgrade from within your IDE.

New in PyCharm

  • Interactive Rebasing: Commits can get messy, which is why you need to be able to rebase your branch. Now, PyCharm allows you to do so visually and with unprecedented ease.
  • Smarter Debugging: PyCharm’s debugger now makes it easy to see what’s happening in the middle of a complex statement. When stepping in, the debugger will ask you exactly what part of the statement you want to investigate further.
  • JetBrains Mono: PyCharm helps you read your code by navigating your project effectively, and now also by presenting your code in a font designed specifically for it.
  • Django Template Imports: PyCharm Professional Edition makes life easy for web developers by offering code completion (and debugging) in Django templates. We’ve made a couple improvements on this front: auto import for custom tags and better completion.

And many more improvements, like faster indexing of interpreters, read about them all on our What’s New page.

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