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R 4.0.0 and better UX in the R Plugin

Although it has not been a while since our last update release, we’re ready to announce some important enhancements and new features:

  1. Long-awaited support of R 4.0.0 . Download it and try with the R plugin for PyCharm.
  2. In response to your feedback, we improved user interface and workflows for exporting generated plots into the portable network graphics (.png).  Just pull the lower-right corner of the plot to adjust its size. There are more helpful options to keep up the image quality. You can also enable opening the exported image right after clicking the Save button.pic1
  3. Want to have your code properly documented? It is quite easy to do with the newly added support for Roxygen. Describe your function, its parameters, return statement, related examples, and each time you hover over the function call, you’ll be able to preview the corresponding documentation in a dedicated popup.pic2


Download PyCharm and install the R plugin. See more details and installation instructions in PyCharm documentation.

image description