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PyCharm at the 2020 Python Web Conference

Our countdown for the 2020 Python Web Conference has started, come meet our team!

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PyCharm by JetBrains is sponsoring the event and, besides that, we also have our very own Paul Everitt giving a tutorial PyCharm Power Tips: How to become a PyCharm Power User on June, 17th.

If you are joining the conference and want to learn some skills that will make you more productive while using PyCharm then make sure to join Paul’s tutorial! It will have a hands-on format showing bite-sized tips to speed up your work while staying in your coding flow. You can count on learning general IDE tips & tricks, Django-specific productivity tips, and you will also join a sample TDD session in Pytest that will put all the tips into work in a real coding session.

Rather than a long sequence of tutorial steps, the idea is to have a series of individual tips that you can learn fast and start applying right away. The code used will be provided beforehand so everyone can follow along and clear any questions before jumping into the next tip. This is a nice approach to go through a lot of material fast, without leaving anybody behind.

It takes a lot of preparation from the presenter so if you haven’t yet, make sure to buy your ticket to the conference and join Track 2 on Wednesday, June 17th, at 9 am (ET)!

The conference

The 2nd annual Python Web Conf is a virtual event organized by Six Feet Up and designed to promote best practices for hard web production problems. It features international experts presenting on 40 topics such as Django, Flask, Pyramid, Tornado, Plone, CI/CD, Containers, Serverless, REST APIs, web security, microservices, websockets, etc.

It’s a highly engaging format and many industry experts will share their skills for three days in a row. We, at JetBrains and especially PyCharm, are very happy to sponsor this event and will have a dedicated team interacting with attendees in our Slack room.

Come meet with us! Bring your questions or just come say hi! We’d love to see you.


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