Webinar Recording: “virtualenv – a deep dive” with Bernat Gabor

PyCharm virtual environments are an important but challenging topic. We recently hosted Bernat Gabor to discuss this, as well as his rewrite of virtualenv, the hugely-popular command-line tool for creating virtual environment. The recording is now available.

This was a very engaging webinar, with lots of questions, and many thanks to Bernat for taking the time to give thoughtful replies.


01:00 – Basics of virtual environments
03:50 – Activation script
07:24 – First batch of questions
17:00 – Why a rewrite of virtualenv?
22:19 – Next questions
30:58 – What’s hard about Python packaging
40:27 – Next questions
46:00 – Alternate non-install of virtualenv using zipapps
48:37 – Last questions

Speaking To You

Bernat Gabor has been using Python since 2011 and has been a busy participant in the open-source Python community. He is the maintainer of the virtualenv package, which allows the creation of Python virtual environments for all Python versions and interpreter types, including CPython, Jython, and PyPy. He also maintains tox and has contributed to various other Python packages.

Bernat works at Bloomberg, a technology company with more than 6,000 software engineers around the world – 2,000 of whom use Python in their daily roles. Finally, he is part of the company’s Python Guild, a group of engineers dedicated to improving the adoption, usage, and best practices of Python within the company.

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