Early Access Program PyCharm Releases

PyCharm 2021.1 EAP starts now!

We are starting our new Early Access Program (EAP) for PyCharm 2021.1. You can now try the pre-release build of the upcoming v2021.1. It delivers enhanced support for Cython as well as UI and usability updates.

In short, our EAP allows anyone to try out the features we are implementing. Follow this series of EAP blog posts to get the latest information about the changes coming in PyCharm 2021.1.


We encourage you to join the program to try out the new and improved features. By testing these updates and giving us feedback, you can help us make PyCharm better for you. As always, you can download the new EAP from our website, get it from the free Toolbox App, or update using snap if you’re an Ubuntu user.


Important! PyCharm EAP builds are not fully tested and might be unstable.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the most notable updates from week one of the EAP.

Improved Cython type checker

PyCharm provides improved Cython support. In this EAP we have improved the type checker for Cython, which you can already try. In the next EAP releases we are planning to fix a number of Cython-related bugs. Check out our help page for more information on this.


Built-in Space

The Space plugin is now available. This means that you can connect your IDE to your organization in JetBrains Space to view and clone project repositories, write complex scripts that use Space APIs, and review your teammates’ code. To log in to Space, click the Get from VCS button on the Welcome screen, select Space on the left, and enter your organization URL in the dedicated field. It is also possible to log in via Tools | Space | Log in to Space.

Once logged in, you can clone the desired repository and open it in PyCharm. When you open it, Space Code Reviews will appear on the left-hand pane. From there, you can see a list of issues that contain your changes or require your attention. For example, if you are a reviewer, you can open an issue to see its author, look at the timeline, add comments inside a diff view, and more.

Configure a profile for pre-commit inspections

We’ve added the possibility to choose a code inspection profile before committing changes to VCS. To access this feature, click the gear icon to show commit options, select Analyze code checkbox, click Configure, and choose the desired profile. Profiles can be created in Preferences / Settings | Editor | Inspections. The IDE will use the selected profile when inspecting your code before the commit.


User experience

Built-in HTML preview

We’ve added a new built-in browser preview to PyCharm that allows you to quickly preview HTML files. Any changes you make to HTML files in the IDE, as well as in the linked CSS and JavaScript files, will be immediately saved and the preview will update on the fly.


To open the preview, click on the icon with the PyCharm logo in the widget in the top-right side of the editor.

Collaborative Development

Code With Me: audio and video calls

Code With Me allows you to do collaborative development like pair programming even if your peer doesn’t have an IDE. To make the experience even better, the product team has now included the ability to make audio and video calls in Code With Me. A detailed guide can be found here.

Community contributions

  • The correct code insight for None is now provided in TypedDict by Morgan Bartholomew [PY-44714]
  • Thanks to Bernat Gabor, an important debugging case in tox is now covered: Python isolated mode no longer affects subprocess debugging. [PY-45659]

Notable bug fixes

  • Code insight logic is improved for ContextManager and the following other cases: function parameter annotated with built-in function type matches the passed function argument; functions that take modules as a parameter. [PY-29891] [PY-36062] [PY-43841]
  • For PyTorch Tensors, Tensorflow tensors, Pandas GeoDataFrame (basically for all the classes that have a shape attribute, if this attribute is non-callable and iterable) you can now see the shapes in the variable pane. [PY-19764]

That’s it for week one! You can find the rest of the changes for this EAP build in the release notes. Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to share your feedback in the comments below, on Twitter, or via our issue tracker.

Ready to join the EAP?

Some ground rules

  • EAP builds are free to use and expire 30 days after the build date.
  • You can install an EAP build side by side with your stable PyCharm version.
  • These builds are not fully tested and can be unstable.
  • Your feedback is always welcome. Please use our issue tracker and make sure to mention your build version

How to download

Download this EAP from our website. Alternatively, you can use the JetBrains Toolbox App to stay up to date throughout the entire EAP. If you’re on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, you can use snap to get PyCharm EAP and stay up to date.

The PyCharm team

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