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PyCharm 2021.2.2 Is Out!

Download PyCharm 2021.2.2

The second minor release of PyCharm 2021.2 contains multiple bug fixes.

  • cProfile call graph never loads. [PY-49917]
  • Requirements.txt blank file is being created. [PY-41953]
  • WSL: Can not detect any SDK in WSL project. [PY-48100]
  • PyCharm no longer mixes up pattern matching with type hinting. [PY-49990]
  • Python 3.10: Quick-fix to add “from __future__ import” annotations
  • No completion for values of style sheet properties in React Native app. [WEB-43144]
  • Inspections: false positive for HTML-attributes inlined in code. [WEB-26240]

For the full list of issues addressed in PyCharm 2021.2.2, please see the release notes.
Found a bug? Please report it using our bug tracker.

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