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We have been working hard in the last year to make our YouTube channel more relevant for you. We’ve included tutorials like the Visual Testing with Pytest one, we’ve published the ‘What Does This Package Do?’ series, we’ve moved our webinars to YouTube, and we’ve started to publish our Early Access PyCharm Podcast episodes there too.

Now, it’s time to bring the new ‘Getting Started with PyCharm Series’ to our channel as well! The last time we had recorded the getting started videos was a long time ago, in 2016, so it was already time to update it to reflect the new functionalities in PyCharm and help our new (and existing) users to get up to speed faster.

The new Getting Started Series is presented by Paul Everitt, our developer advocate, and covers all the relevant aspects of installing, understanding, customizing, configuring, and using PyCharm to be more productive. We will release the episodes as they get ready, so make sure to subscribe to our channel to get notified as soon as a new episode is out!

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While we are releasing them in sequential order, this series is designed in a way that you don’t really need to watch the episodes sequentially. You can, of course, if this is your wish, but, if not, you can watch the videos that are relevant for you at the moment that you have a question, and if you need more information just click the links as they appear in the episode and they will help you navigate the playlist in your own path.

Episodes released today

Episodes coming next

  • Configuring a local Python interpreter in PyCharm
  • Configuring a remote Python interpreter in PyCharm
  • Installing and managing Python packages in PyCharm
  • Basic code assistance in PyCharm
  • Run Python code using a run configuration
  • Basic code refactoring in PyCharm
  • Basic code debugging in PyCharm
  • Basic testing in PyCharm
  • Productive coding in PyCharm
  • Introduction to Git and GitHub in PyCharm

We hope these episodes cover the most common questions, but feel free to share your thoughts in the comments if are there any other topics you would like to see covered in this series.

The PyCharm Team

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