PyCharm 2021.3.3 Is Available

We’ve just released a minor update for v2021.3.3 that you can get from our website, via the Toolbox App, from inside the IDE, or by using snaps if you’re a Ubuntu user.

With this release some major bugs on code insight and Docker are fixed, meaning smoother coding experience.

Community contribution: Enhanced support for generic type aliases

Thanks to a pull request from Wannes Sels PyCharm now fully supports generic type aliases. The IDE now recognizes partially specialized generic types in PEP 484 type aliases.

The latest release contains the following improvements and fixes:
  • Code insight: Whitespace checks for variables starting with “match” and “case” no longer raise false positives [PY-51141]
  • Code insight: Bundled pycodestyle has been updated to version 2.8.0 [PY-51269]
  • Docker: A Docker Compose interpreter is now created successfully [PY-50932]
  • macOS: Python 2–based venv can now be created through PyCharm for the M1 processor [PY-46430]

For the full list of issues addressed in PyCharm 2021.3.2 please check the release notes.

Found a bug? Please report it using our bug tracker.

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