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PyCharm 2022.2.3 Is Out!

We are releasing PyCharm 2022.2.3, which contains important fixes for workflows, including remote interpreters, and fixes for working with MicroPython plugin and the recent Matplotlib 3.6.0 package.

You can update to this version from inside the IDE, by using the Toolbox App, or by using snaps for Ubuntu. You can also download it from our website.


Here are the main updates:

  • SSH interpreter: Reopening a project no longer triggers the upload of unchanged project files or rewrites the remote file permissions. [PY-55540]
  • SSH interpreter: The debugger can access remote sources. [PY-55821]
  • SSH interpreter: Interpreter names are no longer duplicated when the interpreters are created over the same SSH host. [PY-56107]
  • Windows: We fixed several issues related to how PyCharm handles non-ASCII characters. [PY-56466], [PY-56467]
  • Opening projects with the MicroPython plugin in PyCharm no longer causes errors. [PY-56317]
  • Creating a new React project from the welcome screen works as expected. [PY-56339
  • Console: Due to a recent change in Matplotlib 3.6.0, running code resulting in plot displays led to an error. This has been fixed. [PY-56370]

For the full list of improvements, please refer to the release notes. Share your feedback in the comments under this post or in our issue tracker.

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