Together, We Supported Python

Our joint campaign with the Python Software Foundation (PSF) raised a total of USD 20,000 that will be donated to the PSF’s general fund!

For the fifth year in a row, JetBrains partnered with the PSF on their end-of-the-year fundraiser. This year you could purchase a new PyCharm Professional subscription at 30% off, have the full amount of your purchase donated to the PSF, and get a complimentary DataSpell annual subscription on us.

The Python Software Foundation is the main organization behind the Python programming language, and as a non-profit entity, it depends on sponsorships and donations to maintain its activities. Learn more about how they put your donation to work in their 2021 annual report and visit their fundraiser page if you want to make a personal donation.

We hope that you’ll enjoy using Python in 2023 and that PyCharm will be your tool to get work done!

The PyCharm team

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