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Live stream: Who Is Behind Django? An Interview with the DSF President

We’ve all seen and used the famous Django framework, but there’s a lot more to a successful project than commits. The Django Software Foundation is a hallmark achievement in the Python community, but who’s behind it? In this interview, we’ll be talking with DSF President Chaim Kirby about its history, what it does, what it needs, and what’s next.

Date: August, 22

Time: 15:00 UTC (check your timezone)


Chaim Kirby

Chaim Kirby, Django Software Foundation President

An engineering leader with over 20 years of experience building complex web applications in the health tech sector, Chaim Kirby is the President of the Django Software Foundation. In addition to his current role as Head of Engineering at Budgie-Health, Chaim also serves as an administrator of PySlackers, a Python-focused Slack channel with over 40,000 registered users. He’s been working with Django since v1.1 and has been a community participant since 2014.

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