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PyCharm is joining forces with NumFOCUS to support their year-end fundraising

Here at PyCharm, we acknowledge the profound impact of data science in the realm of Python and the importance of projects backed by NumFOCUS for the future of data science and the Python ecosystem.

PyCharm Professional stands out with robust support for data science workflows, encompassing interactive tables, Jupyter notebooks, SQL database support, and more.

How to support data science?

Until December 23, we extend a special offer to new users—a 30% discount for PyCharm Professional annual subscriptions. All proceeds from this campaign will be donated to support NumFOCUS and advance the field of data science.

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What is NumFOCUS?

NumFOCUS is a non-profit organization that offers a stable, independent, and professional foundation for open-source projects that drive modern scientific inquiry and business processes. If you rely on essential tools such as NumPy, Jupyter, pandas, Matplotlib, conda, or various other open-source data science projects, you are directly benefiting from projects backed by NumFOCUS.

Securing financial support is crucial for the sustained growth of their organization. Alongside contributions from corporate sponsors, event proceeds, and foundation grants, the generous contributions from individual donors play a pivotal role in supplying the essential resources needed to advance their mission of promoting open and accessible scientific computing.

Your donation significantly contributes to their overarching goal of supporting open-source scientific computing projects and fostering education in this dynamic field.

Don’t miss your chance to get a professional tool and get more work done while supporting your favorite projects. Use this deal yourself or just share it to spread the word!

Let’s support Data Science together!

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