PyCharm 2023.3.4: AI Assistant’s Efficiency Boosters and a more powerful Django Structure tool window

This year, we are trying out a new approach with our releases, moving away from a quarterly schedule to more regular monthly feature-rich releases. This change is intended to deliver new features more rapidly and streamline the feedback process.

Upgrade to PyCharm 2023.3.4

New AI Assistant functionality [PyCharm Professional]

Get work done faster with new AI Assistant actions. Generate Python type annotations for functions and get Django views, admins, and serializers for models. Obtain a quick analysis of the data inside your DataFrame and convert Jupyter notebooks to scripts. Do all of this with just a click!

The Django Structure tool window [PyCharm Professional]

Navigate through your Django projects faster with the new features of the Django Structure tool window. Access or identify and register unregistered admins directly in the tool window.

Quick Documentation for type parameter declarations in the new syntax

If you have already adopted the new syntax for type parameter declarations introduced in PEP 695, this feature will definitely make your life easier. The Quick Documentation popup clearly explains the type parameters and type aliases used in your code.

These are the most notable updates featured in the PyCharm 2023.3.4 release. For a detailed overview of all the changes, we recommend reviewing the release notes.

Learn more about PyCharm 2023.3.4

Your feedback is invaluable to us as we work to improve PyCharm. We encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions on the latest features and updates. Connect with us on X (formerly Twitter) or drop a comment below to let us know what you think. If you come across any bugs while working with the IDE, please report them to our issue tracker.

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