PyCharm 2024.1.2: What’s New! 

PyCharm 2024.1.2 is here with features designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your development workflow. This update includes support for DRF viewsets and routers in the Endpoints tool window, code assistance for TypedDict and Unpack, and improved debugger performance when handling large collections.

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Key features

Support for DRF viewsets and routers in the Endpoints tool window

When working with the Django REST Framework in PyCharm, not only can you specify function-based or class-based views in the path, but you can now also specify viewsets and see the results in the Endpoints tool window. Additionally, you can map HTTP methods to viewset methods, and PyCharm will display the HTTP methods next to the relevant route, including for custom methods. Routes without @actions decorators are now displayed with the related viewset methods.

Code assistance for TypedDict and Unpack

PEP 692 made it possible to add type information for keyword arguments of different types by using TypedDict and Unpack. PyCharm allows you to use this feature confidently by providing parameter info, type checking, and code completion.

Improved debugger performance for large collections

PyCharm’s debugger now offers a smoother experience, even when very large collections are involved. You can now work on your data science projects without having to put up with high CPU loads and UI freezes.

Be sure to check out our release notes to learn all of the details and ensure you don’t miss out on any new features.

We appreciate your support as we work to improve your PyCharm experience. Please report any bugs via our issue tracker so we can resolve them promptly. Connect with us on X (formerly Twitter) to share your feedback on PyCharm 2024.1.2!

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