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EAP: JetBrains Qodana Now Supports C and C++ for In-Depth Code Analysis

Qodana was created to help teams improve code quality across multiple languages. In light of this, we’ve recently launched the EAP for Qodana’s C and C++ linter, a tool designed to run static code analysis and provide deep insights into your work.

In this post, we’ll dive into the essential features of Qodana’s C and C++ linter and explore how you can apply it in your project and software development workflow!

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Write safer code in C and C++ 

C and especially C++ languages are tricky for developers. They give you great power but also various challenges when dealing directly with memory, dangling pointers, null pointer dereferencing, and lifetime issues which are typical for C++ code. 

Why use Qodana for C and C++ analysis?

A powerful code analyser can save you from problems like these and keep your code in a good shape. This is especially important for areas where safe code is critical, like embedded development and automotive.

Also, Qodana can help you increase your source code’s MISRA compliance*, as well as extend standard Clang-Tidy inspections by supplying CLion’s additional inspections and some MISRA checks. These standards were created to prioritize safe, secure, and reliable code and are widely used in automotive as a must-follow standard. 

Ultimately, server-side analysis with Qodana leads to a more efficient code analysis process, with a long list of benefits for software development teams that want to level up code quality.

Where Qodana fits into C++ code quality.

On the team level, Qodana can help by providing reports with aggregated information about the project: the number of problems, their distribution by types, files, and so on. This allows teams to ensure that any code change undergoe the same code quality checks (instead of relying purely on IDEs), and provides an overview of the project state within the team.

Improve codebase maintainability and readability

Address coding standard violations to improve product quality. Qodana’s C and C++ linter helps your team adhere to best practices, resulting in a more cohesive and maintainable codebase.

What’s under the hood?

  1. Dashboard view

Know for sure which project needs your immediate attention. Get an overview of your team’s progress in one dashboard, including the number and severity of detected problems.

  1. A Baseline feature for tabling issues

Put less-critical issues (or simply all detected issues) to the baseline to stop receiving notifications about them. This can help your team stay focused on the issues that matter most.

C code analysis in Qodana and syntax error detection.
  1. Integration into CI/CD pipelines

Qodana integrates smoothly into your team’s CI/CD pipelines for continuous code quality checks. This identifies issues early in the development life cycle, helping you reduce the cost of fixing problems and prevent them from escalating. 

  1. Customizable quality gates

You can also tailor the linter to your project’s requirements with customizable quality gates. Define and enforce coding standards, as well as other quality metrics unique to your development team. This way you can help enforce rules and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. 

Run Qodana locally or in your CI pipeline

Qodana’s C/C++ linter can mean a leap forward in your team’s code quality while supporting your existing code analysis process. Run it locally or in your CI pipeline to get an overview of problems, detailed analysis, real-time feedback, and seamless IDE and CI/CD integration.

Want to know more? 

learn more about how Qodana can help your team and your business, post a comment here, tag us on X (formerly Twitter) or LinkedIn, or contact us at qodana-support@jetbrains.com.

You can also view the documentation for Qodana C/C++.

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*Qodana currently supports analysis for some MISRA checks with more on the way. 

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