RubyMine EAP Build 500

Posted on by Eugene Toporov

New EAP build of RubyMine is available. It comes with some improvements and fixes.
See Release Notes

Some of the new things:

  • Built-in TextMate keymap added. Try Ctrl + </span> / <span class="key">⌘ for quick switch
  • Ruby SDK indexing speed improvement
  • New intentions added
  • HAML file template added
  • Support for “test/spec” BDD framework
  • and more

And a small example of intention for converting between if statement and statement modifiers.

1. Type some if then statement

2. See the bulb and press Alt+Enter / ⌥+↩

3. Select the “Convert statement to modifier” option

And voila!

Download RubyMine EAP build 500 and send us your feedback.


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