RubyMine EAP Build 500

New EAP build of RubyMine is available. It comes with some improvements and fixes.
See Release Notes

Some of the new things:

  • Built-in TextMate keymap added. Try Ctrl + ` / ⌘ ` for quick switch
  • Ruby SDK indexing speed improvement
  • New intentions added
  • HAML file template added
  • Support for “test/spec” BDD framework
  • and more

And a small example of intention for converting between if statement and statement modifiers.

1. Type some if then statement

2. See the bulb and press Alt+Enter / ⌥+↩

3. Select the “Convert statement to modifier” option

And voila!

Download RubyMine EAP build 500 and send us your feedback.

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