RubyMine EAP is Open

Some of you working with RubyMine Preview build 435 have probably noticed the notification about a new build of RubyMine available.

Yes, the new build 472 is the first Early Access Program (EAP) build. For more details about the new features, subscribe to this blog or watch the special wiki page. RubyMine will also notify you about new versions.

We are planning to publish new EAP builds on a regular (usually weekly) basis.

In this build:

  • Additional color schemes added
  • HAML files are shown in Rails view now
  • HAML files can be debugged
  • Move statement Up/Down are now available
  • JavaScript Inspections and Intentions added to RubyMine
  • Many bugs fixed

Download RubyMine

Stay tuned and develop with pleasure!

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