RubyMine vs. IntelliJ Ruby Plugin, pricing, licensing, etc.

The initial wave of RubyMine feedback has greatly exceeded our expectations – thanks to everyone who has blogged or twittered about our new product! And we’re definitely looking forward to hearing more from you, particularly your suggestions for creating the development tool of your dream for Ruby and Rails. This is just the time to influence the development of RubyMine so do not miss the chance.

Here are some answers to most common questions we’ve heard by now:

1. IntelliJ Ruby Plugin future

We are going to continue to develop and release the Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. The feature-set of the plugin will be quite similar with that of RubyMine because they are built from the same codebase. The plugin will remain free for everyone having an IntelliJ IDEA license.

2. RubyMine pricing

We want RubyMine to be really affordable, and the planned price for version 1.0 is $99. Note that our open-source licensing program also applies to RubyMine, so if you’re participating in an open-source project (for example, have a gem or two hosted at GitHub), you can apply for a free RubyMine license.

Have other questions? Do not hesitate to ask.


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9 Responses to RubyMine vs. IntelliJ Ruby Plugin, pricing, licensing, etc.

  1. Ron Green says:

    99.00 is too high.

  2. Michael Klishin says:

    JFYI: RHTML is not a language, neither it is a template engine from Ruby standard library. Ruby standard library uses name Erb for it, and most notable Ruby web tools (Rails and Merb) both use .erb extension for this kind of templates for a long time now. It’d be nice to see proper name for it on feature list and that sort of thing.

    Now on topic in focus. $99 is a reasonable price to me. The only question I have, would it be possible to develop RubyMine plugins using JRuby and RubyMine itself? Or would one need use IDEA? In theory JRuby and .jar exports may be enough but I have a gut feeling that there will be Java glue layer required for any serious RubyMine plugin.

  3. $99 is a very reasonable price for RubyMine. The current documentation is fairly poor but I expect that will be fixed before FCS. My question is – will a developer be able to target different versions of Ruby i.e. 1.8.* or 1.9? and RoR?

  4. @Finnbarr Murphy: Thanks a lot for your feedback on the price.
    We are working hard on the documentation and it of course will be fully available with the 1.0 release.
    If you have questions now, feed free to ask them in our forum –

    As to your question – RubyMine 1.0 will support Ruby 1.8.x. We plan to add 1.9 shortly after that. And RubyMine already supports Rails framework versions from 1.2 to 2.1.2

  5. A come on … $99 is a very reasonable price

  6. Olly says:

    $99 sounds like a fair price to me. great work guys!

  7. Nice to hear your thoughts Olly! Thanks!

  8. alain says:

    99$ is indeed a fair price for someone who work.
    but for a student who has no income …..

    ok there is the open source licence … but well not everyone does that :(

    not that i don’t want to share, i just begin learning RoR, so participating on an opensource project is impossible :(

    too bad, my teacher told me that your IDE is better than netbeans …
    ok netbeans is cool, i guess i have to wait untill i’m a RoR pro and win money or do some opensource

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