RubyMine EAP build 749

We just made the new RubyMine build available. The changes are the following:

  • “Analyze Stacktrace” action added (copy a stacktrace from clipboard, get a toolwindow with clickable hyperlinks to source code)
  • Options dialog when running Rake tasks
  • Improvements to gem manager: frozen gems support, etc.
  • Rename refactoring made more Rails-aware.
  • Find usages considers partial views now
  • Improved background code analysis speed
  • And of course there are fixes of various issues we found during our dogfooding!

Full release notes.

Download RubyMine EAP build 749 and share your feedback.

The Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA has also been updated for all users of IntelliJ IDEA. In addition to the above changes, this version makes gem manager available in the plugin too. Check the screenshot.

IDEA plugin gem manager

image description