RubyMine Beta update: build 856

We all know the times when a release date gets closer: the excitement and releases of adrenaline. This is just what everyone in RubyMine team feels now. In the mean time, here is the update for RubyMine Beta: build 856.

Some selected changes included into this update are:

  • Redesigned Rails Project View: improved structure and visibility of all project entities
  • Model Dependency Diagram: improved usability and added navigation using Ctrl+F12/⌘F12
  • Unsatisfied gem dependencies are shown and can be fixed
  • Added “Rerun” action for IRB and Rails console
  • General performance and memory utilization optimization

See the complete Release Notes.

Download RubyMine build 856 now, make sure you got your 50% discount coupon and expect more exciting news shortly.

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6 Responses to RubyMine Beta update: build 856

  1. Art says:

    I gave the 824 version a testrun on my Mac Book Pro and must say, that I really liked what RubyMiner had become – especially the refactoring supoer is again: pure awesome :)

    Just two minor issues:
    RM keeps telling me, that it will create a new rails project with Rails 2.2.2 when I already have 2.3.2 installed (even when I already switched ruby to my ruby-interpreter with the newer rails gems). And since rails 2.2.x is a bit different than 2.3.x I’d like to always stick to the newest version of rails.

    After running a generator (e.g. scaffold) – I have to manually reload the project structure to see the new controller/model/views. – Would be nice if this could be automatically updated.

  2. Joe says:

    Rails 2.3.2 isn’t supported yet, but hopefully it will be soon! :-)

  3. roman.chernyatchik says:

    Hi Art,

    Thank you for using RubyMine. RubyMine 1.0 doesn’t fully support Rails 2.3.x thus by default it suggests to create Rails 2.2.x application. We are going to add Rails 2.3.x support in RubyMine 1.1 which will be released in the end of May/beginning of June 2009.

    > if this could be automatically updated.
    This should work in RM. What OS do you use?

    Also welcome to our forum:

  4. Rustam says:

    I’ve donloaded beta several weeks ago and filled discount request form. But i still didnt reseive code and cannot buy ruby for 49$ :(

  5. Rustam,
    our system says that an e-mail with the coupon code has been sent to you. We have just re-sent it. If you do not receive it, write at eugene.toporov[at]

  6. Rustam says:

    Eugene, thank you. I’ve received coupon and bought RM.

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