RubyMine Beta update: build 856

We all know the times when a release date gets closer: the excitement and releases of adrenaline. This is just what everyone in RubyMine team feels now. In the mean time, here is the update for RubyMine Beta: build 856.

Some selected changes included into this update are:

  • Redesigned Rails Project View: improved structure and visibility of all project entities
  • Model Dependency Diagram: improved usability and added navigation using Ctrl+F12/⌘F12
  • Unsatisfied gem dependencies are shown and can be fixed
  • Added “Rerun” action for IRB and Rails console
  • General performance and memory utilization optimization

See the complete Release Notes.

Download RubyMine build 856 now, make sure you got your 50% discount coupon and expect more exciting news shortly.

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