RubyMine 2.0 Beta 3 update

Since the Beta 2 release, we’ve kept working on improving RubyMine, and in particular fixing the performance problems reported by the users of the Beta 2 version. And although things didn’t turn out as we had expected, and we have to postpone the final 2.0 release until the first half of November, the good news is that we’re releasing a new Beta version today.

As usual visit the RubyMine Beta page and download Beta 3 (build 90.143). In this build:

  • Performance improvements, several deadlocks and hangs were fixed
  • Spell checker got improved UI and ability to attach custom dictionaries
  • Railscasts color scheme was bundled (Kamal Fariz, thanks!!!)
  • i18n support for HTML, HAML, ERB
  • Open in IDE” link in TeamCity now allows to open and navigate to test source.
  • Create Step Definition” cucumber quick fix improved

Detailed Beta 3 changes list.

We thank everyone for submitting your feedback on the Beta. Our forum and issue tracker are always waiting for more ideas and suggestions from you!

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains RubyMine team

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11 Responses to RubyMine 2.0 Beta 3 update

  1. Nick says:


    i’ve two small feature wishes:

    – download and install of ruby and rails from the config dialog
    – upgrade from older rubymine versions (seems to be a bug in the windows setup)


  2. Roman Chernyatchik says:

    Hi Nick,

    We are working on automatic updater. It’s trunk version isn’t stable enough and we disabled it but updater will be available in future versions.
    RubyMine allows to install rails and other gems. There is no sense in installing ruby interpreter because it is OS specific and will let to problems with ruby interpreter files permissions on Linux and MacOS.

  3. Cezar says:

    I wish this app looked prettier on the mac, cause it looks like crap (sorry to be harsh). Even emacs/vi look much better.

  4. Nick says:


    it would be helpful to explain how to setup a ruby on rails environment on windows using rubymine. (What paths, which ruby version etc). The ruby page itself is a mess, the latest windows installer is 1.8.6, there are 3 versions of ruby 1.9x. With which one you tested RubyMine? I’m new to ruby development and it’s very confusing. In Beta3 the Ruby SDK and Gems is hanging in a endless loop showing “Loading…”.

    Maybe the idea is wrong using Ruby via Windows?


  5. Oleg Shpynov says:

    Hi Nick,

    We have some plans on writing several short howtos for RubyMine and of course this particular case will be covered.


  6. McNaz says:


    >Maybe the idea is wrong using Ruby via Windows?

    You will save yourself alot of pain if you moved your Ruby development to OSX or Ubuntu. I wrote up a detailed guide on setting up a virtual Ubuntu VM under windows for the exact purpose.

    Check it out here:

  7. Chris says:


    I’ve been working with Ruby on Rails on Windows for a couple of years – it works fine. I think you may be confusing two issues – getting Ruby on Rails up and running and using an IDE (like the very splendid RubyMine – definately the best I’ve used). The IDE won’t help you with setting up Ruby and Ruby on Rails – do this before you start worrying about the IDE. There is plenty of info on the net and I’d recommend getting hold of a good book – the Pragmatic Programmer series is excellent for the beginner.

    Go for the Ruby 1.8.6 Windows on-click installer – a 1.9 version is currently in beta. You don’t need 1.9 to get going on Rails – I’m still developing on 1.8.6 and waiting for the on-click installer to get stable before committing.

    Good luck!

  8. Nick says:


    first thanks for the detailed replies.
    The point of not using Ruby 1.8.6 is for me the missing JIT Compiler.
    I’m probably indulged by using Visual Studio 2008 before, and probably expected something similar from Ruby Mine :-) The language is beautiful, the configuration is everything else than user friendly. I myself don’t want to take care about any configuration, this will be done by a professional ruby hoster if i ever finish the move to ruby :-) I own some books form the Pragmatic Programmers series; i currently read “Rails for .NET developers.”.

  9. Roman Chernyatchik says:

    Hi Nick,

    Ruby 1.8.6 one quick installer will install ruby with old out of date rubygems, so I recommend you to execute “gems update system” after installation.

    Ruby 1.9 (for windows) misses some library (zlib1.dll or smth like this) and doesn’t work out of the box, personally I took library from Ruby 1.8.6 installation.

  10. Roman Chernyatchik says:

    P.S: RubyMine supports bot Matz Ruby 1.8.6 and 1.9 and jruby interpreter. Also we provide some support for IronRuby on Windows and Mac Ruby.

    Some quick guide you will find in RubyMine | Help | Help Topics | Getting Started with RubyMine | Create and Run Your First Project.

    > In Beta3 the Ruby SDK and Gems is hanging in a endless loop showing “Loading…”.
    Unfortunately we didn’t manage to reproduce it on Windows Vista on both ruby 1.8.6 and ruby 1.9 installations. Is it still reproducible?

  11. Nick says:

    Roman: yes, i use Windows 7 – x64. Maybe it’s a side effect of not correctly setting the path to the ruby interpreter.

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