RubyMine 3.0.1 bugfix release is out

Hello folks,

RubyMine 3.0 release went really well. It’s been about 3 weeks since and we’ve collected a number of fixes we’d like to push to everyone.

So, today we’ve made RubyMine 3.0.1 bugfix release available for download. Several nasty issues reported by you were fixed. Let me mention the most important of them here:

  • Occasional RubyMine several minute freezes
  • Freeze during code reformat on a specific code block
  • Nasty problem with autospec focus lost
  • Several gems manager related fixes

See the full list of fixes and download RubyMine 3.0.1 to give it a try.

We are often asked if there is any starting point to learn RubyMine. The answer is YES, of course. We have Quick start guide and even RubyMine dedicated screencasts. You are welcome to check ’em out!

And a heads up: we should be ready to launch the Early Access Preview program for RubyMine 3.1 in a couple of weeks. Check the roadmap for it, and let us know if you want it to play during your holidays! :)

Develop with Pleasure!
– JetBrains RubyMine Team

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