RubyMine 3.2 Release Candidate

We’ve made some more minor improvements and spent lots of time analyzing performance snapshots. They helped us fix a couple of speed regressions. Also, we made Find Usages, Rename and Move refactorings work for Sprocket references. See the complete release notes.

Grab RubyMine 3.2 Release Candidate and give it a try. If you stumble against anything critical, please let us know.

Expect the final release early next week.

Develop with pleasure!
The RubyMine Team

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4 Responses to RubyMine 3.2 Release Candidate

  1. andy says:

    I’ve figured this out — is right one
    You actually can delete my comments (after fixing urls in Confluence 😉 )

  2. Roman Chernyatchik says:

    Thank you guys, download links have been updated.

  3. Brendon McLean says:

    There is lots of good stuff in Rubymine 3.2, but it’s nowhere near release candidate. There’s so much stuff not working that I’m not going to bother listing it. I’ve submitted around 50 bug reports to this product, so you know I’m normally happy to help out.

  4. @Brendon: Thanks a lot for your reports. We really appreciate the help. I see in YouTrack that many of RubyMine related issues you reported have been resolved. Some are platform specific and require more time. Anyhow, we think version 3.2 in the current state is an improvement over the earlier versions. And we’ll definitely consider the other issues for 4.0 release.

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