RubyMine 4.0 Beta is Available for Download!

Hello everyone,

Many of you have asked us when RubyMine 4.0 would be released. Today we’re entering the home stretch! And we glad to announce the first beta version of RubyMine 4 that is available to download.

So let me tell you about the new features:

  • Inline method refactoring we told about can now be tried.
  • We also have good news for those who prefer to deploy with Phusion Passenger. Now it can be chosen as a server in your run/debug configuration.
  • About 2 weeks have passed since RSpec 2.8.0 release and it is already supported by RubyMine.
  • SCSS and LESS users might be glad to here that IDE now provides formatting for these languages.

Please check release notes to take a look on some screenshots.

RubyMine 4 is on the threshold and these days your feedback is very appreciated! Thank you for staying with us and helping the IDE to become better.

One last thing I want to mention. RubyMine versions now have the codenames, so don’t be surprised with a name Tōhi. It is a codename for RubyMine 4 and goes from Japan where it means “fir-tree”. You also can now search our blog with tag Tōhi to find all the posts related to RubyMine 4.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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