RubyMine 4.0 Beta is Available for Download!

Hello everyone,

Many of you have asked us when RubyMine 4.0 would be released. Today we’re entering the home stretch! And we glad to announce the first beta version of RubyMine 4 that is available to download.

So let me tell you about the new features:

  • Inline method refactoring we told about can now be tried.
  • We also have good news for those who prefer to deploy with Phusion Passenger. Now it can be chosen as a server in your run/debug configuration.
  • About 2 weeks have passed since RSpec 2.8.0 release and it is already supported by RubyMine.
  • SCSS and LESS users might be glad to here that IDE now provides formatting for these languages.

Please check release notes to take a look on some screenshots.

RubyMine 4 is on the threshold and these days your feedback is very appreciated! Thank you for staying with us and helping the IDE to become better.

One last thing I want to mention. RubyMine versions now have the codenames, so don’t be surprised with a name Tōhi. It is a codename for RubyMine 4 and goes from Japan where it means “fir-tree”. You also can now search our blog with tag Tōhi to find all the posts related to RubyMine 4.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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12 Responses to RubyMine 4.0 Beta is Available for Download!

  1. Jonathan O'Connor says:

    The biggest feature in this release is support for the debugger in 1.9.3.
    And thank god the comments are back to not highlighting keywords. That was driving us all mad.

  2. Greg Lincoln says:

    I’m curious if you guys plan to add Rails 3.2 support before RubyMine 4 final arrives. It seems to break the beta in a number of ways…

  3. shigeya says:

    “fir-tree,” in Japanese is モミの木 (kind of tree use for christmas tree), I think.
    I’m not sure whether it is exactly same as 唐檜。

    But anyway, if you want to use “tohi”, better use kanji, not katakana. I thought it’s 頭皮 :<

    katakana トウヒ can be read such as: 逃避(escape), 当否(right or wrong), 頭皮(head skin) so, if you like to use the meaning of some tree, better use ''唐檜".
    (Actually, I didn't know the name of tree kind "唐檜" until now.. not so common I guess..)

    Anyway, looking forward to see release version. I had issues with rspec 2.8 so glad to see this beta support 2.8.

    • Tatiana Vasilyeva says:

      Oh, I may be wrong cause I don’t know Japanese actually. My logic was the following. I took the tree called “picea” in Latin. I guess it is “spruce” in English ( I translated spruce to Japanese with different online translators and got “トウヒ” (katakana) and “tōhi” (romaji). I found out that katakana is used for scientific and technical names, ie plant and animal species as well. So “トウヒ” seemed to be ok for me. And I googled it and got the article in Wikipedia and a lot of pictures looking like real spruce :). I don’t know what the difference between fir-tree and spruce is. I thought they are synonyms, aren’t they? May be that’s the reason. One more thing I am thinking about. In our case Tohi is not only a spruce tree, it’s our code name and as a name could be written using katakana. Am I wrong?

      • naotoueo says:

        Hi, I’m Japanese. IMHO, your logic isn’t wrong, but this code name may sound curious for Japanese.

        I had not even know what “トウヒ” tree is. It’s a rather minor word compared with “モミの木”, I think.
        When I first saw the splash logo, I was a bit baffled because I reflexively interpreted the katakana word as “escape”. Japanese has many homophone. We usually interpret a meaning of Japanese word by converting it to Kanji or seeing the context of it. Without any hint, “トウヒ(tōhi)” could be interpreted as a simple word – “escape”.
        So there I’m writing this comment now. Anyway, I understand tōhi as Spruce, and I like this code name.

        • Tatiana Vasilyeva says:

          I see. Thank you both for your comments! We will change our splash to the next beta. Nevertheless am I right or wrong that the single word ‘Tōhi’ (like it is seen in our blog) is ok? I mean If I use just the romaji word ‘Tōhi’, is it associated with a spruce for you?

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  5. naotoueo says:

    Japanese usually spell トウヒ Touhi in spite of Tōhi in romaji. But I think Tōhi is also ok.
    As I explained above, without any hint, associating Tōhi or トウヒ with spruce is difficult for most Japanese people. I think showing Tōhi’s icon would help them recognize it, like Heroku’s pricing page.

  6. Anthony says:

    This version doesn’t detect a smb partition mounted as a drive in Windows, therefore I can’t access my VM …

    It’s working just fine in RubyMine 3, what’s happening?


  7. CoffeeScript syntax prediction and definition lookup is very cool! Great feature.

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